Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Make your own prayer poster!

  Are you ready to go on mission for God? Are you excited to see how God is going to use you this summer to expand his kingdom? Then equip yourself with the prayers of His children! Ask your churches, prayer groups, and youth fellowships to commit to praying for you this summer. 
   Make a personalized poster from the blank templates below to hang up in your church or give to friends and family to remind them to be praying for AND tell them how to be praying for you.

   -The templates are available in color and black and white. 
   -And are PDFs and JPEGs.


A4     Color:        Jpeg       PDF          Jpeg No Box       PDF No Box
 B&W:        Jpeg       PDF

**Dress up a black and white poster by buying bright colored paper to print it on, and tape/glue a picture of yourself to the complete it!**



Letter     Color:       Jpeg       PDF      B&W:     Jpeg      PDF

If you feel inspired and make your own please let us see it! Email it to or share it on Facebook with Nehemiah Teams!

God Bless!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Franchise Retreat

The 2012 Franchise Retreat and Training has ended, and was a refreshing time of fellowship with like minded (and mission minded) believers. Our time together included...
  • Learning and discussion of the life of James Frazier and were reminded of the power of prayer. 
  • Meditation and reflection on Philipians 2:1-11 and were convicted by the humility of Christ, that He would humble himself even to death on Christ for our salvation.
  • New Teaching for Orientation were given to Franchise Leaders! A lesson on the Holy Spirit and the other about salvation. Get excited!
  • Mobilization efforts were discussed with encouragement to get the participants involved and advancing our territory!
  • A new friend from the international franchise of Nepal, Kuya Prem was made!
  • Kuya Rey taught us how to share our experiences from NT in a story format.
  • A prayer meeting for Nehemiah Team was held at SPBTS.
  • And a challenge/encouragement was given by Kuya Jess, GOD IS ENOUGH!
We our excited about the upcoming summer and what God is going to do, and how He is going to use young people! Please make sure that you check here for updates on prayer requests, getting involved, and for stories of how God's kingdom is being advanced throughout the unreached and hard to reach areas.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

South Cotabato


Camotes Island—San Francisco Municipality
Registration: P7000 
Less than 1 percent (1%) evangelical Christians. They hunger for His Word. They must hear the Gospel and learn the truth about the Loving God and apply His Word at all cost. The dominant religion is Roman Catholic and Rizalian.

Camotes Island—Unidos San Francisco 

Registration: P7000
Less than 1 percent (1%) evangelical Christians. They are blinded by false teachings and beliefs. They need to know and learn the Word of God. Some of them are practicing black magic. The dominant religion is Roman Catholic and Rizalian. 

Tabuela Cebu City 
Registration: P7000
Located 87 kilometers northwest of Cebu City. It is characterized by steeply sloping lands while a minimal portion is located in the coastal barangays. The population is 19,000. There are 12 barangays and 5 of these are located in the coast. No evangelical church is present in the place.

Borbon, Cebu City 
Registration: P7000 Located 62 kilometers from Cebu City. The land is 
generally flat with slightly rolling hills. The popula-tion is 28,000. There are 19 barangays and 16 of that do not have an evangelical church. 6 baran-gays are located in the coast. 

Upper Margos, Sarangani province 
Registration: P2500 Located 206 kilometers from General Santos city, most of the people there are Indonesian. They are friendly... Are we willing to be friends with them? They need someone to stand in the gap for them so they can know the Love of God.

We are looking for a media person who is will-ing to be a part of the South Cotabato Nehe-miah Team and is willing to go the places where teams are assigned within the period of one month. His or her responsibility is to report and document the updates of the teams in the field. He or she must be computer literate and preferably possess a lap top.



CEBU:  2 Teams needed
REG: Php. 3500
Help! Rural South Cebu, “the harvests are still plentiful but the workers are few.” They are lost! The Lord is looking for disciples who are willing to go and bring the gospel to their home.            …Are you that one?

REG: Php. 3500
Siquijor is a mystical Island that entices you to take the faith adventure and be the witness that opens spiritual blindness so that people can see the light of the gospel! Are you prepared for a spiritual battle & demolishing strongholds? Join us!

Zanorte – “Loving our Neighbors”
REG: Php. 2500
Make your summer a soul-winning? Creative and full of activities? Join us for a summer special and let everyone believe that Jesus is the Messiah
[John 1:12].



Be utterly amazed by the marvelous creation of our excellent God “the islands of Marinduque” also known as the heart of the Philippines since it is located in the center of the Philippines. The people there are so religious not knowing that it’s all about a relationship with Jesus, but how will they know unless someone preaches to them? Will you go and and tell them about your Jesus?

Steeped in religious tradition and idolatry, many BatangueƱos have been resistant to Bible study, but that is slowly changing, especially among the younger generation. The more exposure they have to truth, the more barriers will fall. Come build a wall of truth around the province!

Trapped in superstitious beliefs and false religious teaching, Quezon remains less than 2% evangelical. Still there are areas where the Gospel has not yet been taken. In these places, people continue to live their lives in bondage. They long for a freedom that they think would only come when this life ends. Will you come to tell them the Truth that can set them free?

Agta/Bicolano, Bicol 
Without a grave, without proper burial ceremonies, the soul of the one who had died cannot enter heaven – this very popular belief has trapped many of the people of this region. They cannot leave their religion for a personal relationship with Christ because Christians have not a graveyard of their own. How long should they continue to live in this fear? They are waiting for people like you to lead them to the Truth.

The traveling media team will visit each team and take photos, videos, write stories of the teams and make promotional videos. These will be used to increase participation and support in future Nehemiah Teams and missions in general. Must have experience and knowledge of video editing and production.




Reg. Fee - P2000 God is moving among the Higaonon tribe of the north Mindanao. They are responsive to the Gospel but more messengers are needed to go to these small Pocket places of Lostness. Will you go?

Reg. Fee - P2000
There are 160,000 Kamayo who live along the seacoast and in the mountains of Northeastern Mindanao. Less than 2% have a relationship with the Lord.

Reg. Fee - P2000
This island is known with their superstitious beliefs and Spiritism practices. That makes the people resisted the Gospel. Come help set people free through the power of Jesus Christ.

Reg. Fee - P2000 

Many people visit the island of Camiguin each year as tourists or to trek the island as payment for their sins. However, there are few who come to boldly share the Good News of Christ. Less than 1% of the 77,000 residents know Jesus Christ personally. What sacrifice can you offer for God?

Reg. Fee - P4000 

Eskaya Tribe revere the entity Suno which is conflated with the idols and in addition to church services they are served by spiritual leaders known as biki and beriki, performing harvest ceremonies and other ritual is performed in which a spiritual leader asks the permission of the spirits. Come and bring the true Holy Spirit through the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Reg. Fee - P3000

Living in the core upper of Agusan del sur between Lapaz and San Luis is nomadic people more or less 20,000 population and are dying and ready to go to hell. Would you like to stand in the gap in behalf of the land so God will not destroy them?

Reg. Fee P3000
The Manobo tribe is a series of smaller tribes spread across Mindanao. There are up to about 50,000 of them in this area. They have an animistic background, believing in evil spirits, who practice animal sacrifice. Come and join us in covering them with the blanket of God’s love this summer.

Reg. P3000

The Ata tribe is a series of smaller tribes spread all over the Philippines. They have an animistic background, believing in evil spirits, who practice animal sacrifice. Come and join us in covering them with the blanket of God’s love this summer.

Reg. Fee - P2000

Conduct Literacy training for children and adult, house to house evangelism, basic health camp, crusades and agriculture. Open to all Professionals and Non-Professional Teachers, Nurses, and with Agriculture background volunteers.

Reg. Fee – P4000
This team will go around to all the teams taking pictures, helping them in doing dramas during crusades and street evangelism. Come and witness how God will change the lives of people using these tools.