Sunday, May 8, 2016

I will go

Every morning, before our class starts, we sing songs that are related to the gate topic that we will discuss. One of the songs from Gate2: Soul Winning  that I really liked is “I will go” by Steve Green. I feel that this is my life song. It takes me back to the time that I decided to follow Christ and to respond to the Great Commission.

 And I will go where there are no easy roads
Leave the comforts that I know
I will go and let this journey be my home
I will go
I will go

I’ll let go of my ambition
Cut the roots that run too deep
I will learn to give away
What I cannot really keep
What I cannot really keep

R-r in red
I have not attained this, but I pray that this would be true to me.

 How about you? What would be your response to this song?
John 10:11

Romans 15:20

R-r, 19 
South Cotabato 

   For a mind set to follow Him, no turning back.

RR leads a team in Palawan

Monday, May 2, 2016

the EpIC


left to right: Rustom, Jezreel , Talon, Evelyn, Joy
We all know and have heard of many good and amazing stories but do you know the best story among all stories? You are part of it? Yes you are! This is the story of God. The story is about God.

Once upon a time, in the beginning God, He is Holy, Almighty God. He made us to glorify and worship only Him but the Satan the villain got envy about it, He wanted to be like Him. He deceived the creation of God, he was kicked out of heaven and he is on earth to kill, steal and destroy so that the people will worship instead of God. But God did not allow the villain to make it happen. He sent a Hero for us to give eternal and abundant life. That Hero is His only Son Jesus Christ. He was crucified, died, buried, and rose from the dead on the third day paying for our sins. His resurrection was the proof that the ending of God's story is clear - He will be worshiped by all the peoples of the earth. all creation will worship Him - in the heaven above, on the earth and under the earth!  Philippians 2:9-11
With Christ's sacrifice people can be reconciled with God. the broken relationship can be restored. 
We may still face fights and wars in our lives but the battle has already been won and the ending is determined.  Those who believed and accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior have the gift to eternal life. And when He comes again, He will take his people and they now with Him will live happily ever after.

Joy, 25
South Cotabato

Pray: That I will not forget that I am Accepted, Secured and Significant in Christ

Joy leads a team to among the *cousins