Monday, November 16, 2015

The Good News is a matter of time.

“Good news is only good when it gets there on time “

Just a year, and he was taken home. i wonder if others would even have the same chance to hear about Jesus let alone experience the joy of their salvation.

Just some months ago, we get to see again Mr. Fidel (Tatay Fidel) of Diit Island in Aguyata and wrote here how he shared to the Gospel to his family when he got home that day. I shared that story with a number of people and a couple of places. They think that was really awesome. Well, I believe that too. God is awesome.

Sir Fidel's cool calendar keychain
I wish we had taken a photo of Tatay Fidel so we could help you see how  he looks like. Sadly what we only got is this unique calendar souvenir that he got from that wedding he had attended. This cool thing God has used to open a conversation that got this father to the Creation story to Christ. i had planned to make sure I take a picture of him and his family the next time I get to visit. I think I can visit. I’ll make sure I will take pictures. But Tatay Fidel would not be in them anymore for the Father had taken him home. January 3, 5pm, He passed away.

A good friend and Pastor told me that our meeting him was divinely appointed, that the Gospel got to him on time.  And because he had put his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, he received eternal life (1john5:11-13).

But how about for those who did not get to hear?
look closely. a Christmas tree by the road in Tacloban.
 a symbol of hope
Just the other day, I was talking to a good friend and team mate Gigi who serves in Eastern Samar. She was on her way back from spending Christmas with Family. Gigi is a professional and went to Samar he past June and July to be a translator for American Nehemiah Teams. She could have worked. But instead she is going back out there on a one year commitment. I asked her why.  I could not quote her exact words but part of it was not only the need upriver but the truth that dawned on her that most  of the bodies that she saw on the streets as they were coming through from Samar to Tacloban after that strong typhoon have not heard the Gospel. To many of them, the Gospel did not get there on time.
Ptr. Silas, Lorie and Felton Felongco, Serving in the Dolores River

We have been commanded. And we are still here so we could take the Good News to people like the Waray Waray and Agutaynen.
 There are about 4 Million Waray people in Leyte and Samar. Only less than 2% are evangelicals. You can join in a team who will be going there this summer . You can also volunteer for a longer term of work. And as you go, prepare to go, or pray about going, pray for the Waray people and those serving among them.

If you are interested to serve among them, let us know through: