Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pray for them. Pray with us. Go with us!

Who remembers Tatay Fidel?

view from the ferry
A year ago, same season, Mabel, Mat and I met and went together to survey the islands of Cuyo and Agutaya in Palawan. We were told that the Ro-ro (small ferry) ride would take about 15-19 hours. In faith, we got on the ferry. I guess we were the last passengers booked so we got the beds at the very bottom of the ferry along with the sacks of rice, feeds and whatevers.

 As the 3 of us try to get to know each other (having just met), God opened opportunities for us to share to some people on that deck with us. Among them was (Tatay –sir /father) Fidel . He maybe late 50’s to early 60’s. He listened through the whole presentation of the Gospel using creation to Christ. “this is the first time that I heard that story and I believe that it is true.”, he said. Tatay Fidel put his faith in Jesus Christ and we prayed together. He asked if he could share this with his family. We gave him tracts explaining the truths on it that was also in the story, and wrote my cell phone number so he could contact us.

the boat to Agutaya
The ferry started moving and we started to get sea-sick. We left Tatay Fidel to find better ventilation. The ocean was really rough we could not even lie down nor eat. The journey that was said to be about 19 hours got to 27. We got off the ferry but did not see Tatay Fidel to say good-by. Tatay Fidel is from Agutaya. We were now in Cuyo island, 2.5 – hours away from Agutaya.
God made a way for us to get enough information to get to Agutaya. Through the help of a pastor from New Tribes Mission, we got some contacts in the island and were set to go. Tatay Fidel’s son and wife called asking if we would come to explain further what their father had shared to them. would we come to Agutaya? Yes!

Matt, our Hosts in Agutaya, Mabel and Me
As we get to the island of Agutaya, meeting our host. Tatay Fidel’s son called again. He is waiting for us. We were also waiting for him to meet us. We were boat waiting at the dock but could not see each other. It turned out that we were on 2 different islands. We were in mainland agutaya. They were in Diit island of Agutaya – another boat ride away. The weather condition, the limited time and costs did not allow us to get to their island. We just prayed that they will continue and hopefully one day be followed up on.

Tatay Fidel, his wife Nanay (ma’am/mother) Teresita and son George continued to call and reply to our messages even a few months after.

 young people from the only fellowship of believers in Agutaya
 Now, this season, a year after, we go once again to Agutaya to set up for a Filipino and American team in these remote islands. our thought was to get to the most strategic – Diit Island Agutaya, 5000+ population, no church or Algieceras Island, 4000+ population, no church. but these two islands were about 6 hours away on a boat and the waves are really rough so its impossible to get there around this time. Why not Diit island? God opened the door and we got to Diit island early morning the day after we arrived in Agutaya. Renting a small boat with our host Miss. Mercy, we got to Diit. As we talked to the community leaders about why we have come, our guide Ms. Mercy would never fail to tell them that we have also come to see Tatay Fidel.

walking in Diit Island
 After one year. We saw him again. He looks sad and sick. We almost did not recognize him. We introduced ourselves and he had a big smile on his face hurrying us to come to his house and meet his wife. Nanay Terisita is also sick and somewhat traumatized because they were also affected by the recent  typhoon Yolanda . She was crying as she shares. Then we told her how we met Tatay Fidel. She burst into more tears but with a smile.

the boat to Diit Island

“it was you! thank you for sharing that story to my husband. He shared it to us here and our other children through phone. Have you come to stay and teach us more about it?”

“Not yet this very time. But some friends will come.” We prayed together. 

all the Glory to the Lord our God!

Mabel with the local Officials and our Host Ms, Mercy

A 19 – 27 hours on a ferry, then some 2.5 – 3 hours ride on a motor boat, Finally, 45 minutes on a smaller boat. This is how one gets to Diit island. Superstitious beliefs are deep-seated in the lives of the people here making it hard for ministries to even begin. add to that the distance, the effort and cost of just getting here. 

This is where God willing, one of our Filipino Teams in Palawan will be,
 so is an American team in June-July. 

This is where Fidel Amorin and His family lives. 

Pray for them. Pray with us. Go with us. 


*sorry we forgot to take picture with Taytay Fidel and wife.

How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? How can they go unless they are sent?  - Romans 10:14-15

Saturday, September 21, 2013

a traveler's update (april- august)

 Blessings! Thank you for your faithful prayers and partnership that helped keep us protected and encouraged the entire season. God, for He is, did great things through and in the lives of the Filipino and American Nehemiah Teams volunteers. I had opportunities to join and visit some of them while they were in their respective fields. Here are some high lights of the past 5 months so you may also rejoice and praise the Lord with us. All the glory is for Him. 

April – May 2013
NT Luzon teams
80 plus young people participated in Filipino Nehemiah Teams, more or less 50 were first time participants, 19 teams went out, 31 local people trained, 74 people followed in baptism. Some of this summer’s participants and leaders volunteered to be translators for American Teams. Others extended their stay in the communities to equip and train new believers. The 11 AOT (Nehemiah Teams Advance Operations Training) participants who were at training in Samal Island January to March became leaders and trainers for most of this summer’s teams.

NT AOT participants and Franchise leaders during AOT break
AOT participants
After AOT, I had some time to be in Batangas and catch up with home and talk with NT Luzon leaders. Then I went to Cebu to attend the Filipino Youth Missions Conference (April 8-11). Youth and Christian leaders from all over the country came to the said conference. There were different ministry booths and missions workshops offered to all the participants to increase the youth’s involvement in missions and mobilization. I had opportunities to talk with some people and see possibility of partnership with other missionaries and mission organizations. The highlight of the event was a contextualized worship service for our *Neighbors who have come to faith in Jesus, and meeting Ryan Shaw, president of Student Volunteer Movement 2. To know more about Student Volunteer Movement 2 – SVM2, please visit: 

April 12, I went to Palawan to assist in their orientation. That team had 4 participants including Mark, their training facilitator who after orientation joined in as team member. For the rest of the month until May 14, I was in south Palawan mobilizing in churches and events, meeting pastors and other leaders for possible partnerships, and visiting areas where teams here can serve in the coming summers to move forward with localizing NT in Palawan. The highlights of this trip were the opportunities to be a guest speaker and trainer for a youth camp and Southern Baptist Women’s Fellowship, being able to see Vicki, a *Neighbor girl put her faith in Jesus Christ, and hearing the testimonies of the

Palawan NT
Palawan NT participants of how God spoke to them throughout the summer. To read testimonies from NT 2013 Filipino participants, visit: 

 June –July 2013
with NT American Big Sis Team
180 young people participated in American Nehemiah Teams/Project 52 this June-July. They were deployed in teams to a number of unreached people groups across the globe, serving in various ministries. Several of these were deployed to the Philippines, 4 of which were assigned in Luzon – 2 Bicol Medical Teams, Urban Big Sister Team and a Mindoro Orphan Nanny Team. It was a joy to meet and work some with the young ladies serving in these teams. At the end of the summer, they saw a number of people especially young people come to faith and follow in baptism. The ones in Bicol, through the help of the missionary partners in the area continue to meet for Bible studies and a couple more young people followed in baptism after the teams have left. The teams that served in other areas and countries also witnessed how the Holy Spirit moved in the lives of the people they are serving, and from testimonies one will know how their lives were greatly impacted by how God revealed Himself in different ways this summer.
To read more about American NT/Project 52 2013, please visit:

June 5-7, I attended the OSB Convention meeting – One Sending Body (the sending board of the Filipino Southern Baptist Convention. A number of Filipino Missionaries shared about what God is doing through their ministries and people groups. The speakers poured out their hearts challenging, casting vision, encouraging and equipping the Filipino churches to mobilize, equip, send out and support Filipinos engaging in the global harvest.
To know more about the Global Harvest, please visit:

our Community group at during the BYW conferenece
an all nations table packing food for STOP HUNGER NOW!
July 17-22, I attended the 16th Baptist Youth World Conference in Singapore. 64 countries participated with more or less 2800 participants. It was a glimpse of that multicultural worship service described in Revelation 7.9. A glimpse so short but enough to excite us and fuel us to advance with the Gospel with our words, works and life. The theme of the Conference is Reach – God reached out to us first so that together we may reach out to others. That conference really made an impact. The speakers really connected us to God in His Word. The worship team from different countries really facilitated the movement of the Holy Spirit in the crowd through music. There was a wide range of workshop topics to choose from (including a Conversation with the BWA President, and BWA General Secretary) to meet each participant’s ministry interest and needs. The ambiance, technology and kindness of the host county – Singapore really helped facilitate time to reflect on how God is speaking through the entire conference period. The program Stop Hunger Now made way for all participants to work hand in hand to pack 270,000 nutritious food packs to be transported to the hungry, poor and homeless in South East Asia. It was so neat to be in a room, around a table, working to fill bags of food with brothers and sisters from different parts of the world!

To know more about Baptist Youth World Conference and BWA, please visit:
To know more about Stop Hunger Now, visit:

I am thankful to the Lord for the wonderful blessing of your friendship and partnership. May God continue to bless you. Let’s continue to reach out to God and reach out to the nations.

Please also pray for the following:
- for NT Mt. Carmel sending a team to the *Neighbors this October - November
- for the *believing Neighbors going through T4T to reach others and for the plan to also send them out
- for this season of mobilization and my travel to Cambodia in October to attend the Asia Pacific Youth Leader’s Summit and share about what God is doing through young people going on missions
- for the areas where the teams have served , and for the young people who participated to persevere in faith
- for my family to come to faith. I have had some deeper and clearer conversations with my sister lately.

In Christ, 

---- Cecil Cusi - 


friends from Cambodia @ BYW conference

Indonesian Room mates during the BYW conference

Friends from India during the BYW Conference

Filipino friends @ the BYW Conference

(your right) luigie serving in Samar with some American volunteers

(your right ) Gigi also still serving in E. Samar

(first from your left) Jael, also still serving in E. Samar

Baptism in E. Samar