Friday, January 15, 2016

River stories

  His word is light to their lives. 

 After a long hike to the remote sitio of a remote river village, they found the men gathered. The team thought they were already late and that the men had started drinking instead. 

The Bible studies were really scheduled at night because that is when these people are available but had they come a little too late this night? 

 The men saw them, “We have been waiting for you. Let us start.” And they came into the hut.

 “I’m sorry brethren, we have no light” said another man. There was no electricity in the village. 

Another man gathered the flash lights they have, put them in a bundle and tied them to the beam at the center of the shed.

 The bible study and training began. 

Nehemiah Teams Samar- Leyte will again have teams going to some remote river villages in the Samar area to preach the gospel and plant churches this summer. They are in need of 5 team leaders and at least 20 youth and young professionals to be team members to complete all 5 teams. Click on the brochures tab, download their application, fill it out and apply to be part of this team and have a meaningful and well-spent summer of 2016!