Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pray for them. Pray with us. Go with us!

Who remembers Tatay Fidel?

view from the ferry
A year ago, same season, Mabel, Mat and I met and went together to survey the islands of Cuyo and Agutaya in Palawan. We were told that the Ro-ro (small ferry) ride would take about 15-19 hours. In faith, we got on the ferry. I guess we were the last passengers booked so we got the beds at the very bottom of the ferry along with the sacks of rice, feeds and whatevers.

 As the 3 of us try to get to know each other (having just met), God opened opportunities for us to share to some people on that deck with us. Among them was (Tatay –sir /father) Fidel . He maybe late 50’s to early 60’s. He listened through the whole presentation of the Gospel using creation to Christ. “this is the first time that I heard that story and I believe that it is true.”, he said. Tatay Fidel put his faith in Jesus Christ and we prayed together. He asked if he could share this with his family. We gave him tracts explaining the truths on it that was also in the story, and wrote my cell phone number so he could contact us.

the boat to Agutaya
The ferry started moving and we started to get sea-sick. We left Tatay Fidel to find better ventilation. The ocean was really rough we could not even lie down nor eat. The journey that was said to be about 19 hours got to 27. We got off the ferry but did not see Tatay Fidel to say good-by. Tatay Fidel is from Agutaya. We were now in Cuyo island, 2.5 – hours away from Agutaya.
God made a way for us to get enough information to get to Agutaya. Through the help of a pastor from New Tribes Mission, we got some contacts in the island and were set to go. Tatay Fidel’s son and wife called asking if we would come to explain further what their father had shared to them. would we come to Agutaya? Yes!

Matt, our Hosts in Agutaya, Mabel and Me
As we get to the island of Agutaya, meeting our host. Tatay Fidel’s son called again. He is waiting for us. We were also waiting for him to meet us. We were boat waiting at the dock but could not see each other. It turned out that we were on 2 different islands. We were in mainland agutaya. They were in Diit island of Agutaya – another boat ride away. The weather condition, the limited time and costs did not allow us to get to their island. We just prayed that they will continue and hopefully one day be followed up on.

Tatay Fidel, his wife Nanay (ma’am/mother) Teresita and son George continued to call and reply to our messages even a few months after.

 young people from the only fellowship of believers in Agutaya
 Now, this season, a year after, we go once again to Agutaya to set up for a Filipino and American team in these remote islands. our thought was to get to the most strategic – Diit Island Agutaya, 5000+ population, no church or Algieceras Island, 4000+ population, no church. but these two islands were about 6 hours away on a boat and the waves are really rough so its impossible to get there around this time. Why not Diit island? God opened the door and we got to Diit island early morning the day after we arrived in Agutaya. Renting a small boat with our host Miss. Mercy, we got to Diit. As we talked to the community leaders about why we have come, our guide Ms. Mercy would never fail to tell them that we have also come to see Tatay Fidel.

walking in Diit Island
 After one year. We saw him again. He looks sad and sick. We almost did not recognize him. We introduced ourselves and he had a big smile on his face hurrying us to come to his house and meet his wife. Nanay Terisita is also sick and somewhat traumatized because they were also affected by the recent  typhoon Yolanda . She was crying as she shares. Then we told her how we met Tatay Fidel. She burst into more tears but with a smile.

the boat to Diit Island

“it was you! thank you for sharing that story to my husband. He shared it to us here and our other children through phone. Have you come to stay and teach us more about it?”

“Not yet this very time. But some friends will come.” We prayed together. 

all the Glory to the Lord our God!

Mabel with the local Officials and our Host Ms, Mercy

A 19 – 27 hours on a ferry, then some 2.5 – 3 hours ride on a motor boat, Finally, 45 minutes on a smaller boat. This is how one gets to Diit island. Superstitious beliefs are deep-seated in the lives of the people here making it hard for ministries to even begin. add to that the distance, the effort and cost of just getting here. 

This is where God willing, one of our Filipino Teams in Palawan will be,
 so is an American team in June-July. 

This is where Fidel Amorin and His family lives. 

Pray for them. Pray with us. Go with us. 


*sorry we forgot to take picture with Taytay Fidel and wife.

How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? How can they go unless they are sent?  - Romans 10:14-15