Thursday, January 3, 2013

Start the New Year out right!

Do you remember how excited you were at the completion of your NT summer? Can you remember all the ways God worked? The way God provided? Do you still have your letter to Jesus? Even if you can’t participate in the upcoming NT summer, you can be apart of the ministry! You can mobilize!

Why is mobilizing so important? This is not a matter of growing Nehemiah Teams but of growing the Family of God! The more that goes, the ore that hears; it is as simple as that.

And that is why even if you can’t go this summer you can be a vital instrument in encouraging others to take part in the Great Commission!

An easy way to share about NT is to host what is called an Interest Meeting. An Interest Meeting can be held in someone’s house, at a church, or anywhere you can find the space.

What is an Interest Meeting exactly? An Interest Meeting is when you invite friends who have expressed interest in missions to come and learn more about Nehemiah Teams. There is a time for worship, testimonies, games, and of course sharing information about Nehemiah Teams.

Below you can download resources to help you plan your own interest meeting!
Printable Invites. (Print them on bright colored paper and add the location and time of your event!)
NT 2013 letters. (Print and cut out to make a sign, as shown in the pictures above.)
Go, Pray, Obey (Letters to cut out and use as decoration)