Monday, July 7, 2014

How far can those little tracts go?

This piece of 5 truths tracts got to the remote islands of Northeast Palawan. And through one man putting his faith in Christ and seeing the value of the Good News, his people and islands are being reached. Other peoples living in their islands also get the chance to put their faith in Christ.

October 2014 on a ferry ride to a distant island, we met Tatay Fidel. ( if you have been reading the blogs here, you already know the story, if not just check the older posts about this man). This man put his faith in Christ and shared to his entire family. Some he called on cellphone just to  share to them the story of Creation to Christ and had this 5 truths with him with our contact number on the back. His wife, Nanay Teresita  called us after three days asking if we could come to explain to them the story. That year, that season, we could not.

Now, 2 years after a team of 6 guys are in their island and living with their family. just a few days after we  arrived, met with some people and shared the Gospel. We got in a conversation with our host about “bibles”. Nanay Teresita wanted to know if they have the right bible, not just some book that they think is a bible but really not.

She got her bibles out. I looked though one New testament. I found this 5 Truths Tracts inside. I recognized it. It was it. The exact tracts we handed Tatay Fidel on the 27 hour ferry ride! Nanay Teresita saw me holding it and said that she has kept that. Tatay had her read that. “This brought us here” exclaimed Hagen (one of the guys on the team).

with Nanay Gising (in blue) and Nanay Tereista (middle)
I always desire and hope that those that i, we share the Gospel to would come to faith. I always desire and hope that when cast to them the vision to pass the Gospel message on, that they would. That when I hand a piece of tracts that they would read it. That when I write my number on it, they would contact us so we could help them grow. That they would follow through. Some do. I know some did not. but my heart was never prepared for something like this. My faith was not big enough to expect this to happen. That may sound bad, but that’s good for me for because of that I am  even more amazed, not with the tracts, not with the vision casting, or that we got to share to him, but amazes me is God’s faithfulness even if my faith was so little. I am in awe of Him, how his love is just that big, his power is just that great, his plan just so true and not anything can stop it and he can use anything, any situation, any long or short time to do great great things.
in Seaweed Island:
Austin and Bryan with Nanay's daughter and grandson 

Tatay Fidel is already in heaven . we only saw him gain last year when we visited their island to ask if teams could come. God took him home, January 3 2014.

 We never got a picture with him. We got a picture of this 5 truths only and so many pictures and memories and stories of how his faith in Christ lead to all this.

Look what God can do!

- Cecil :D