Thursday, November 15, 2012

Giving Creatively

Here are some creative ideas for churches and individuals who want to invest in the loves of young people going on Nehemiah Teams for the summer.

Commissioning Service. The Sunday before your young people leave for missions pray over them as a church give each participant a remembrance such as a bracelet or a bookmark to remind them that they are being supported in prayer by their church family.
First Aid Kits. Support the young people of your association that are going on mission by preparing a First Aid Kit for each team. Have each Sunday School class donate an item or two and you will quickly have everything you need to make the kit! This act of kindness may not cost much but it demonstrates that you care about the teams and want to invest in their lives.

Toiletry Bags. Prepare small bags with soap, shampoo & conditioner, and a face towel for each participant going from your church. This will minimize their need for pocket money and be a blessing to them on the field.

Prayerchain. Ask everyone in the church to commit to praying for the young people at different times of the day. The goal is to make a chain of prayer that fills the day. The teams will surely be blessed and strengthened by such faithful prayer!

Listen to their Stories.  When the young people return ask them about their summer. Listen to their stories and prayer with them for God’s continued work in the area.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


The When
Each Franchise has their own orientation that is specifically tailored for their teams and targeted area of service. Please check the brochure on (click on the Filipino NT button on the right sidebar).

The Where
Because each franchise handles their own orientation (& debrief) each one takes place in a different location. For the specific location of your desired franchise’s orientation please download the brochure.

The What
The purpose of or it to prepare and equip the current NT participants for the field it is 3-5 days in length which allows for each participants to learn several ways of sharing the Gospel. NT is not looking for spiritual giants- but for young people that are willing to humble themselves, submit to God, and to learn how to be willing to be used by God for His kingdom expansion.

The What
Orientation is a training time that equips, prepares, and mobilizes the NT participants for action. It is a time dedicated to learning evangelism methods, practicing said methods and building team unity. This practical education includes (but not limited to):
            Evangelism: Gospel Hand, Personal Testimony, Story Telling, Creation to Christ, Participatory Bible Study, VBS Training
            NT Values: Ten Gates, NT Goals, Vision, and Mission, World Christian Bible Studies, Mission Biographies, Scripture Memorization, Team Building Games and Trust Activities, and Personal Quiet Time

Do not let fear of inadequacy be an obstacle to your obeying God. Join NT and come ready to learn and see what God can do through your life!