Thursday, February 28, 2013

Advancing ... NT AOT 2013

              It has always been my ambition to preach the Gospel where Christ was not known, so that I will not be building on someone else’s foundation.                                                                       
                                                                                                                                                              Romans 15:20

  It has been over a month now since we all have arrived from our provinces to be trained through Nehemiah Teams Advance Operations Training in Samal Island , Davao del Norte for a little more than 2 months , and then a deployment for the summer wherever we all my strategically be. Well, so far , it has been… AWESOME! God is so awesome! It is so amazing how He has brought all of us together to be in this training. It’s amazing that we all came from almost all over the Philippines and we have as young as 16 on training. It’s amazing how He has put all this things together. How He, for years has spoken to Kuya Jess and his family and revealed so real truths and solid foundation of Christian Faith and The Maker’s Master plan to for repentance and forgiveness through faith alone in Jesus Christ’s death, burial and resurrection--- the only plan of salvation, and this Gospel is to be spread through the Church to all nations. That is the Master plan. That is the only plan and there is no other! Luke 24: 44-48, Ephesians 3. 1-11
So, what is AOT?

Nehemiah Teams Advance Operations Training (AOT) is designed to disciple, develop and deploy this generation to Finish the Great Commission in this generation, specifically preparing young people to accept specific roles and assignments needed for Nehemiah Teams AOT.

        AOT is originally designed for former Nehemiah Teams participants who are able and available to join the training at about this time of the year. But this season, NT AOT has been opened to young people from strategic areas or organizations with desire for missions and in some way has had some exposure to NT and what the Lord has called the team to do. This was done to have a stronger foundation in these areas or organizations as NT moves forward in reaching the unreached and opportunity and training more available to more young people.

        The 2month AOT focuses on strengthening the walk of the participant using foundational truths of the Bible on Salvation, Soul Winning, Learning from the Past, Trials Grown and Humility, Confession, God’s Word, Holy Spirit, Spiritual Warfare, Second Coming and Judgment  from which NT memory verses during the summer are patterned, helping them how to hear from God and know His will and also training on the knots and bolts of Nehemiah Teams. AOT’s goal is also to deploy these participants to take leadership and trainer roles this summer, and long after summer, as the need arises.

       Right now there are 11 of us all in AOT 2013. We have written articles about specific topics discussed and activities in training during the past weeks and what God taught us through those topics and or activities.
        We again thank you for your partnership and prayers with us and Nehemiah Teams. Let’s keep advancing!

Cecil –28,  Nehemiah Teams Luzon, Batangas