Saturday, March 2, 2013

Advancing... AOT articles

Gate 1 : Sheep Gate : Salvation
Ephesians 2:8-9
Titus 3:5
This is the first topic that we discussed in AOT. I learned more about Salvation.
When God rescued me, He took the initiative, He loved me first. He sought me and He seeks all of us. Thorough Jesus Christ , He delivered us from sin…THERE IS ASSURANCE OF SALVATION IF I HAVE CHRIST IN MY LIFE. (1 John 5. 11-13)
I am saved from the punishment of hell. I am being saved from the power of sin, and I will be saved from the presence of sin. Jesus justified, sanctifies and will glorify me and actually all of us. We need only to believe Christ’s finished work on the cross.
I learned and understood more about the grace of God. It is something that I don’t deserve – undeserved kindness. It is gift not a wage. (Ephesians 2.8-9) Jesus is full of grace, He blessed me with His grace and I will be a blessing to others by His grace.

The Prisoner in the Third Cell

For me, this story is really good. This is a drama written by Gene Edwards about the life of John the Baptizer. Most of the story is from the Bible. The drama starts when at his birth till he grew up and started ministry – preparing the way for Jesus .
I really learned a lot from this story. There were times in my life when I did not understand why God was silent or was not there in times of my need – in times of sickness and loneliness. I could think that God did not care, that He does not hear me in my prayers. I doubted his faithfulness. John the baptizer also doubted Jesus. He had questions going on in his head. He was imprisoned and died without knowing if Jesus was really the Christ for whom he had come to prepare the way for. He did not know what Christ so wanted to tell him. Just like with me, with us. When we go through sufferings, we wonder why these things happen or why God does not answer when we ask Him. Only God knows. He knows why He had allowed those sufferings. And often, when we ask, He won’t answer. Only He would say, “ Blessed are you if you are not offended with me.”

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