Thursday, March 7, 2013

stories from the field

Mt. Carmel stories   “If it wasn’t through you I would not receive the Gospel”.

Nehemiah Teams Mt.Carmel focuses on our Neighbors in the south. This year, this franchise sent a team to a Neighbor community.

It is the custom in this Neighbor community to set the minds of their sons, beginning at a very young age to set their minds to be prepared to fight in the event of a war. This community is not like the usual Neighbor community that the mentors of the team works with. They have really different practices and having just one guy in the team added to the challenge considering the custom of Neighbors.  The team was received by the Brgy. Captain’s family and became their host supplying their needs. During the teams stay, the 26 year old son of the Brgy. Captain came to faith saying “if it wasn’t through you I would not receive the Gospel”. And he was baptized.

Now Nehemiah Teams Mt. Carmel prepares for this summer. Considering the community they are working with and the upcoming elections, please pray for the people leading this franchise, their full time workers in the community, this summer’s participants and their safety. Also pray that they and as well as the other teams will have more godly male participants.  Thank you for your partnership