Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5 ways to pray for NT participants.

1. SAFE TRAVELS. Teams are heading back home soon, please pray for safe travels and for opportunities to share with their travel mates.

2. A STRONG FINISH. Please pray for the teams as they near the end of their time on the field that they will finish strong, never losing sight of the end goal.

3. FAITHFUL TO TELL. Please pray that the NT participants go home and faithfully share about what God has done through them and their team. Pray that they can encourage churches and mobilize youth to go for the next year.

4. CONTINUE ON! Pray that the new believers continue on in their faith and are discipled. Pray that their faith grows and continues to spread throughout the community.

5. CHECK UP. Please pray that people are willing and able to go and visit the areas that hosted teams. Pray that they can be encouraged in their faith by the visit.