Sunday, May 6, 2012

Iloilo Franchise

Batbatan Island, Team 1

Lorry John
Before we even came here the Lord set the place for us and it is nice. [I was nervous] Because I had heard this place was a stronghold for witchcraft and evil spirits. Please pray for the ministry here that God will set their heart and [they will] hear the Word of God.

I am excited about the many people [that are] opening their hearts to God, the Bible Studies that have been implemented in this place, and the many children that we have taught [through VBS].

Here in Batbatan when we have our house to house evangelism- after we shared with the people the good news and we prayed for them (for their sickness). Later when we visited them again she told us God had healed her. We are grateful that God uses us to show His power among the people of Batbatan.

In two weeks God has done amazing things- we have had opportunity to share the love of God and many people are responsive to His word. We have two house Bible Studies that are willing to learn more about Christ. Please pray that God will continue to work in their lives. Pray also that they will follow in believer’s baptism and that even after we are gone that they will continue to grow in their faith. Through prayer nothing is impossible- God is at work in Batbatan Island!