Saturday, April 28, 2012

Borbon Team


"Early in the morning when we were sharing the Gospel house to house, we saw five men in the billiards and we tried to approach them – but we did not recognize that they were involved in drugs at the moment. Three of the men were interested and stayed to listen, but one left thinking we were government officials. One of those men accepted Christ and wants to have a Bible Study at his house the next day.
 The people of Borbon are very hospitable they are willing to accept the team members and will invite them into the house, but the actual Gospel is often rejected.
 Another time as we went around the mountain we met a woman who had been reading the Bible who had been waiting for someone to tell her about Jesus. She asked us about Acts 15:15 – as we talked she realized she needed and wanted to know more. She asked that the team will set up times to to have Bible Studies with her.
 The place there is ready for harvest but the workers are only four. Will you join us next and share the truth of God’s salvation in Borbon?"
Jetter Sarino, South Cotabato Franchise Leader

Please join us in praising the Father for the souls saved and continue to pray for the Borbon team to have opportunities to share with people who are ready to accept the the truth of God's Word.