Sunday, April 29, 2012

Look What One Association Can Do!

Several years ago, the founder of Nehemiah Teams, visited Mangagaoy Baptist Church to promote his new summer mission initiative to send young people to fulfill the Great Commission in this generation. Since that time individuals from the church have participated in Nehemiah Teams, but in 2012, it seemed the floodgate opened, when 5 young people met together with one simple prayer, that their number [of Nehemiah participants] be doubled.

God more than answered, and this year the Bethel Association of Southern Baptist Churches (BASBC) sent 15 young people, all active in local Filipino churches, to join the Caraga Franchise of Nehemiah Teams. God tripled the starting number! Those 15 represent four churches (Mangagoy Baptist Church, Bislig Baptist Church, Hope Baptist Church, and Calvary Baptist Church.).

“It was all by God’s abundant grace that we were able to join Nehemiah Teams this year.” says Wesley, who was instrumental in organizing the young people committed to joining Nehemiah Teams in 2012. “We then prayed that God would provide for our financial needs.” And what followed was a testimony to the unity of the Body of Christ.

The committed young people presented their concerns before the association, who in turn helped them coordinate with local churches to raise the needed funds. “The association helped make it possible for many to go.” Wesley explained, “We had the desire but needed the support of our churches to raise the needed money. It really encouraged us to know that the local churches would support us. That they thought what we were doing was important.”

The Nehemiah Teams 2012 participants are both encouraged and challenged by the support given to the youth of the Bethel Association of Southern Baptist Churches. Encouraged because of the financial and prayer support given and challenged to take the same vision to their local churches and associations.

There is a generation of young Filipino people seeking to fulfill the Great Commission – will their local churches and associations rise up and support them? Will they encourage the young people to continue in their obedience- reaching the unreached and hard to reach in the Philippines – so that every tribe and tongue of the Philippines can take it’s place around the throne of God?

Be a part of Nehemiah Teams by supporting the youth of your church and association as they obey God’s calling in their lives and you will be amazed at what God can do through the lives of young people surrendered to God’s will!