Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Christ is enough

Gate 1: Salvation

Being raised and taught that you have to earn your salvation through good deeds , salvation through faith alone in Christ’s work first seemed simple and easy but incomplete because the mind that is so used to “work to please the Supreme Deity” would always ask, “Is that (faith) enough?

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From front to top right corner: Talon, Eriz (in red), Anjan,
 Ben (in black), Warry
When we put our faith in Christ, we receive salvation. We are saved from the penalty, rule and the bondage of sin, but  it is essential to know that this assurance of salvation is not because of what you did or what you can do but because of what He has done. As a Christian our assurance is based upon Christ’s finished work on the cross.  In John 19:28-30 when he said “it is finished” He was declaring that now nothing can be added. In his epistle, John  tells us that God has given us eternal life through His Son and writes to us so that we may know that we have that eternal life (1 John 5:11-13) We have assurance from the Divine Word of God. When Jesus was on the cross, a thief crucified on the same day said: “remember me…” and Jesus promised that “Today, you’ll be with me”. We all know that Jesus never lies but keeps what He say, thus we can find assurance in His very words on the cross. Moreover, we were sealed with the Spirit of God, the deposit guaranteeing that He owns us and that we now belong to the family of God.

 So it’s assured and once we’re assured of this, we have hope, power, joy, patience, confidence and determination not only to live or face tomorrow but also to share the same assured salvation that we have to others who are still in search and in confusion.  


    Pray that I may be consistent in my walk with God and in sharing this Hope to people 
Anjan GR, 24