Thursday, March 12, 2015

He is Love Displayed

Advance Operations Training Batch 4
Ptr. Harry, AOT 4 (in black) and me 

2015, a new year, a new season of Advance Operations Training participants. Young people, young leaders coming from different people groups and culture within the country, and this time one from Indonesia – Eli, Gigi, Mich, Ecoy, Gwen, Glad, Nonoy, Annie, Lee Ann. These 9 gave up 9 weeks of their life to be in this training to know God more and be prepared to take the Gospel to all nations.

As the training opens with a bible study on Joshua and the Angel with a drawn sword reminding the team that we are preparing for a Spiritual War and that more than the skills, God’s instruction and holiness are of utmost importance, the team was blown away by just such a clearer and solid understanding and experience of God’s love – CHRIST – the only place and person where both the grace and justice of God could meet. His justice demands that we suffer for our sin, His grace decides to pay for that sin and redeem us through the sacrifice of Christ’s life that we do not deserve. And He rose again for He is God. And this is meant to be the root of it all – the giving of one’s life for the sake of His name and the Gospel  - because He deserves it and even this life and a million lifetimes of serving him will not be enough to show the gratitude for what He chose to do for us and for all nations.

He is love displayed. And his love meant to be displayed for all the world to see and know and receive and love him back.

Each of these 9 leaders will share their hearts to us through some short articles, testimonies and journal entries. May you be blessed, inspired and ministered to by the sharing of their hearts. J

Philippians 1:20-21