Sunday, March 22, 2015

TESTIMONY: Ministry in Community

Won’t you lead them to the cross?

There were 9 young leaders who joined AOT – Advance Operations Training to train and grow more in their faith, and in sharing the Word of God. Eight of them were sent to a village goin’ up and down the mountain, rocky and steep dirt road on a motorcycle for 45 minutes, each motorcycle with 5 people on it including the driver. (imagine that!).  it was very uncomfortable, very tiring and quite an unsafe ride . while they were travelling, they were praying in their hearts, enduring their uncomfortable position under the scorching heat of the sun just to reach that village. After that travel that seemed like forever, they reached the village where they will be ministering only for a few days.

 Right the next day, the team was divided into 2 groups to share the Gospel and to encourage those who seemed to have gone cold in their faith. One team, went to a community called Hope.  There were once many believers in Hope. 80 families used to gather with united hearts to worship and serve God. But differences and misunderstandings caused divisions that scattered them. Some no longer go to church while others just chose to join other groups heading to a wrong path.

While the team was hiking to Hope, they were asking the Lord to lead them to the homes of these “believers” so they could be encouraged won back to the Lord and let the love and forgiveness of God thrive once more in this once so warm and loving village of believers.

the team thanks the Lord so much because He lead them to 10 believer sin the village and got to share God’s Word to them encouraging them to forgive and to once again walk in faith in the Lord. The life of an old believer named Tatay (sir) Mariano really challenged and touched the teams’ heart. Tatay Mariano is 78 years old, with an amputated leg, with dull eyes and dull ears. But none of these infirmities stopped him from teaching Sunday School and still serving God. even though there were only 3, 7 or 5 people attending church, he still would enthusiastically and joyfully teach, trusting God. once in a bible study with him, he said, “ It should not only be you sharing the Good News, we also should do that.” it could be seen that his greatest desire is to do God’s will and that fuels him daily to continue to serve Him faithfully.

It seemed that he indeed has considered his life nothing to him if only he may finish the race and complete the task that the Lord Jesus has given him – the task of testifying to the Gospel of God’s grace. (Acts 20:24) this just proves that there is neither reason nor any situation that could be an enough excuse not to serve God  if you and I will be willing to surrender our lives to God and let Him do his will with us.

If a man like him with all this disabilities could continue to serve God with all his strength and such joy in his heart, then all the more that we should be able to do that because we do not have any physical disabilities. And even if we have, still it would not be enough reason nor would that be too hard for Christ to use to glorify himself through us.
What will you do for God?

Souls are crying, men are dying,
Won’t you lead them to the cross?
Won’t you go to reach the lost for the cross?
Won’t you give yourself to God as a living sacrifice to bring them to Christ?

I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live.

-        -  Gigi, 24
South Cotabato

* Pray with Gigi as she goes back to Samar to facilitate training for Nehemiah Teams there, supervise teams, and continue to do follow up among the believers in the River areas and help with continued relief operations among the Waray and Leytenio people.