Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I pray to stay

The Lord has an assignment for me. Yes. I’ve got things to do too like Abraham, Moses, David, Paul, Peter and many others whom we know from the Bible. You, me, and all believers along with our forefathers were given a special task to accomplish. It is thrilling and exciting to imagine how and why a mighty, sovereign and powerful God would choose to use me.
I need to be fit for the role and, therefore, I must enroll in a course called character development. There will be  tests to pass, people to face, trials to overcome, battles to win and hardships to endure. It is sure to be difficult for it will burn me, smash and crush me---me and my pride, my hatred and my impure thoughts to name a few. He knows what to do with me more than I do. He is the Wise Teacher and Skilled Potter. He wants me to be a broken vessel. More than skill, He wants character.
It is His reminder to me every single day. It is and will be uncomfortable but I pray to stay.

-Pauline  26- Bicol